Ceramic Tile Ottawa – Design Ideas For Your Home

Installing ceramic tiles in your home in Ottawa is a value added investment. The elegance and uniqueness of the wide variety of ceramic tiles available will transform your flooring and countertops and create a visual appeal in your space. You are not limited to installing ceramic tiles on the floor and countertops however. Wall tiles, tub surrounds, shower stalls and exterior spaces are also common uses for ceramic tiles in and around your home.
Choosing the Right Tiles
Choosing ceramic tiles for your home can be exciting and enjoyable. There are so many styles, sizes, colours, patterns and designs available to look at. Take your time and have a design idea in mind when you go to shop for your ceramic tile for your home. You may decide to have your entire tile work done in one colour, or choose to have complimentary colours and patterns throughout the space. Whether to get large or small tiles or even mosaic tiles is another consideration to make when planning your tile design. Once you have an idea in mind of how you want your space to look, you can decide then on the tile that will fit your space impeccably.
Tile Design Options
The design options available for ceramic tile are limitless. It would be pointless to try to add every idea here in this space, but to get your imagination going, here are several ideas for different areas of your home.
  • Ceramic in the Kitchen
    Ceramic in your kitchen isn't limited to the flooring. You can finish several surfaces in your kitchen using different styles, colours and designs of ceramic tile. For instance, consider a large textured tile for the floor, a slightly smaller smooth tile in a complimentary colour for the countertops, and a subway style tile back splash. Border your backsplash with an intricately designed mosaic tile to complete this elegant and unique look.
  • Ceramic in the Bathroom
    Ceramic bathroom tiles are a practical and durable option for this space. The waterproof nature of this tile makes it an excellent choice for bathroom surface. Just as in the kitchen, it doesn't have to stop on the floor or counter. Ceramic tiles are used for tub surrounds, shower stalls and floor, and even bathroom walls. Consider a ceramic flooring tile in a neutral colour, and bordered around the entire room with a mosaic tile. For added impact, place a large ceramic tile with an intricate or bold design right in the center of your space. Accent this floor with complimentary wall tiles and countertops to make the statement you are after.
  • Ceramic in Your Living Space
    Ceramic tiles are commonly used in flooring, but why not try adding a mosaic tile accent wall in your living space. You can also tile other surfaces such as side tables or your fireplace for added intrigue. With the limitless options available, you can be sure to find something that speaks for your tastes and enhances your decor.
Planning your renovation design with ceramic tile in Ottawa should be enjoyable and enlightening. The only limit is your imagination.